| Oakland’s Fast-Rising Rap Duo Su'Lan Release Their West Coast-Tinged Project 'Tia & Tamera' - Xclusive Jams
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Oakland’s Fast-Rising Rap Duo Su’Lan Release Their West Coast-Tinged Project ‘Tia & Tamera’

LOS ANGELES – FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11 — Oakland’s most-promising rap duo Su’Lan (comprised of Saunsu and Emahlani) have released their latest West Coast-championing project, Tia & Tamera, featuring their breakout hit “Play Child” and follow up single “Talk To Me,” which spawned a 2-in-1 video premiere here.The 10-track effort, which follows their March 2019-released 7-track debut project No Disrespect, finds Su’Lan schooling folks about bossing up, getting to the bag, and how they’re grabbing all the guys — all while calling out and checking their haters and competition, notably on their breakout single “Play Child.” What’s undeniably present is the girls’ chemistry and effortless synergized flow and quip wordplay.While speaking on the influence Tia & Tamera Mowry, and their show Sister Sister had on their project — including a track entitled “Go Home Rodger” — Su’Lan shares, “Tia & Tamera is based off of a sisterhood and friendship that is very much needed in the times that we currently live. As women, we have to learn to represent and stand on our own. Tia & Tamera Mowry are twin sisters, and in our case we are best friends with the same bond and chemistry. “Go Home Rodger” was of course influenced by the saying from the show, but also with a twist. We see things differently, and we live in a different time. We apply the same fun and attitude, but with the nuances of today. So instead of these hands and feet, you can catch this .40, and Rodger airing sh*t out too, that’s why he gotta go home.”Prior to their musical debut, Saunsu and Emahlani found each other while modeling. The two became best friends, bonding over their love for music, penning lyrics and freestyling. Later, the two women would bond over motherhood and even go viral on social media for confidently wearing their afterbirth stretch marks. Emahlani tells KultureHub, “I think it’s important for women, especially young women, to see that you don’t have to be embarrassed or ashamed of being a woman.”‘Tia & Tamera’ Buy/Stream Links: SoundCloud | Spotify | iTunes | Apple Music | Tidal | Amazon MusicConnect with Su’Lan:Instagram (Su’Lan) | Instagram (Su) | Instagram (Lan)Twitter (Su’Lan) | Twitter (Su) | Twitter (Lan) | SoundCloudYouTubeAbout Su’Lan:Su’Lan, comprised of Saunsu and Emahlani, began their rap careers in their late teens, but soon ventured off into modeling and motherhood. It was during their modeling careers where they met and became best friends. Bonding over their passion and love for music, writing and freestyling, the two found themselves returning to it, and began posting freestyle raps from within their cars, calling themselves Su’Lan.Soon after, the young women began their journeys into motherhood; which led them to go viral on Twitter after posting themselves baring pregnancy scars on their stomachs afterbirth. Following their introduction to social fame, the duo continued posting their freestyles and Triller music videos, gaining an even greater audience from new fans, tastemakers, fellow musicians, and music executives.In March 2019, Su’Lan released their debut project on SoundCloud, entitled No Disrespect; where they showcased their West Coast flows and distinctive voices. On the project and in their freestyles, the girls rap back-to-back at moments, proving they can easily flow off of each other’s energy. Su’Lan is a duo who are bringing a refreshing flavor to the industry, including a mixture of street and sass, which one can’t help but nod their head to.